Sunday, August 26, 2007

The City of Myths

Is the small industrial town of Kulim. If you even come here, please don't be disappointed, because it is just A Myth in Time.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The City of Myth has changed!

My town. The City of Myth. It has changed. There are more housing residences being build. Secondary forests and primary forests are being felled to make way for residential houses.

My town. The City of Myth. There are more houses than there are people in it. Is this really what progress has bring to the City of Myth?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wishing Upon A Star

One wonderful thing that still exist in my town is you still can see the nightline along with the stars. Unlike Cities with skyscrapers and tall building, you can look at the stars in the nightsky on groundlevel. And my town still has not much polution, if the weather is good, you can see the moon and the stars shining brightly across the nightsky anywhere in my town. In Old Town very very late at night, when traffic is almost nil, looking up into the nightsky and looking at the stars is a beautiful sight. It's different if you are in New Town. As New Town is more happening and it isn't as peaceful as Old Town.
I was looking at the stars and was wishing that my town will still be the same town forever. A Dream that will never come true?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Battle Royale Of The Nasi Kandar!

There is a battle going on in my town at night. On one corner, there is the team from New Town and on the other corner there is the team from Old Town. In Old Town, there is the Pelita Nasi Kandar, Dinas Nasi Kandar and a few unknowns. In New Town, there is Nasmir and a few unknowns. The fight for customers. So far, they are still at an impasse. Neither is getting the upper hand. Although the majority of my town's population is now in New Town, Old Town is still holding it's own. The Nasi Kandar team in Old Town still is pulling in the customers although the New Town team were the aggressor from the start. Huge projector's for major EPL weekends viewing and huge open spaces and lots of parking. However, Old Town team is fighting back with the same huge projector's and cheaper prices and also better nasi kandar! (I know, I rather buy from Old Town rather than from New Town!).
So, this Battle Royale might get more exciting once the new residential area in New Town is finished. Not to be outdone, there is also some new buildings being build in Old Town.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

1.8 million isn't even enough to get a McD

I was told in my previous post that the franchise to open a McD is RM1.8 million. True or not, I can't confirm it, but if we give it a benefit of a doubt and say it is true, then why my town is able to have 2 KFC (same owner even). One in Old Town and one in New Town. Does it mean that the KFC franchise is much cheaper? Or is it that they noticed that working people like to eat KFC more than they like to eat burgers? But if that argue is true? Then why there is so many small burger stalls in Old Town at night? I mean, near my house, there is already 2 small burger stalls and from what I have seen, they are doing rather well. Oh, I think I forgot to mention. I live in Old Town.
I highly doubt that opening a McD outlet is going to fail or lose out to KFC. In fact, I believe it will have gained the advantage.
And to mahagurusia, I would have open one, if I have the 1.8 million to go + an extra million to find a location and renovate the place.
Hopefully, anyone rich enough or business enough, who wants to try they luck can come to the City of Myth (and no, I am not going to tell where is my town yet) and try to break KFC's dominance.

KFC's and McD

It's has been bugging me for a very long time. My town has 2 KFC's (Kentucky Fried Chicken) outlets. Ayamas and also Pizzahut. But there was one fastfood outlet that was missing. McD! So, what happened to that Yellow Clown with big red shoes and sells burgers?
The neighbouring town has already 3 to 4 McD, but why not my town? Ok, I forgot. My town is no longer a town, it's a City. And yet, where is that Clown?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Short Cuts and Small Roads

My town has lots of shorts cuts/small roads leading from one residential area to another. Not all are connected, but some of them are connected by small roads. If you know these small roads, you can get around from one residential area to another fast. People tend to use these short cuts to move around.
As for cars, some residential area are being used to get from Old Town to New Town and vice versa. Come to think about it, my town is like a maze but you won't get lost. Since all roads leads somewhere.
However, there are still some places like "Ghost City" that haven't been connected yet. Since it was an abandoned project, it was left to rot until recently. Now, it is slowing turning into a happening place. There is a Chinese Tea House, a couple of bars-cum-eating place, a few restaurants and some other shops. I was wondering if there is a small road leading to somewhere at the abandoned mall. But I don't dare exploring. It's abandoned afterall. There might be some bad things happening in it.
With the City Planners making some of the roads one way street, people are now using some of the short cuts/small roads to avoid making unnecessary U-turns and driving a longer distance to get to their intended destination. That is why the one-way street is more of a hassle than trying to cut down on the traffic jams. In fact, I think it created more jams than usual.

Living In A City

My town is actually a City. However, no matter how you look at my town, you can't say it is a City because it never really was one in the first place. In Old Town, there are many Colonial Era buildings. And all these Colonial buildings are being forced to paint with the same color! I agree that painting all the building with the same color makes it look more neat and nice to look at, but it loses it appeal from it's Colonial past. I just don't understand why the local goverment of my town wants all the Colonial buildings to be painted in the same color! If I was in charge, I would have just leaft it alone or asked the building owners to restore the original colors of the buildings.
Living in a City. With the tallest building is just 7 storey's high in my town, can my town really be call a City? With my town having more residential area, can my town really be call a City? With no tourist spot in or near my town, can my town really be call a City? With so many abandoned projects in my town, can my town really be call a City?
It would be a joke if I say that "I am living in a City". As I have said countless time, my town doesn't look, feel or sound like a City. That's why it is A City Of Myth.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cutting Down Trees

For this past couple of weeks, for some reason, very old and very big trees are being cut down or trimmed.
Is this something that must be done towards the goal of being a City?
I highly doubt it is that reason. All those trees that have been cut down are very huge and very old tree. Those trees has been there even before I was born.
Why cut them down? Is this because a City doesn't need trees?
My town. It is now call a City. But it doesn't look like a City.
There is a few abandoned projects all across my town. One is the "Ghost City" which is now starting to pick up it's pace as a few shops has begun to open for business.
A old abandoned project located beside a school. The building has been abandoned since don't know how long. And it is still abandoned until today. And a couple more places where buildings are half-build and abandoned with no indication that they will be finished in the near future.
My town used to have paddy fields. Now, all those paddy fields are buildings now. Although there are still mini pockets of secondary forrest left in the outskirt of town, soon those will be gone too. More Residential Area has been planned. And somewhere in New Town, they are building more Residential houses. That's why it is call New Town.
Soon, Old Town will be a pale shadow of it former self.

Knowing My Town.

26 years. That's the magic number. I am happy that I grew up in this town of mine. It might be already a City. As I have mentioned countless time on my previous posts. I guess I love my town too much.
And until now I haven't even gave the name to my town yet. Well, I plan to keep it a secret or until someone figure out the name of my town. It is more fun that way.
My town might be changing slowly towards being a modern age City, I seeing that it might take several or a few decades to even reach the level of Kuala Lumpur. I still think my town should just stay a town. Don't call it a City yet.
Have you ever heard about a City that looks more like a Town? Probably never or none. Wait. There is one. My town. That's why I call it a City of Myth.
It is a Myth for a City that looks more like a town.
26 years, I watched as my town grew. More Residential areas were build. More factories were build. More people from all over Malaysia came to work. And you wonder why my Town can hit a population that is fit to be declared a City.
They build more schools. Smart School they call them now. Maybe because my town is a City now. It needs more Schools. I figure they will build a Univercity next.
Knowing my town. It will never be a City. Not in the next 10 or 20 years. And that's a fact.